We would love to receive your feedback on using this website. Below are some ideas for how to record the session and evaluate its success. Please send any evaluation you can share to: sexandhistory@exeter.ac.uk. Please obtain written consent from participants for sharing any quotes, session material or photography.

Recording throughout

We are not only interested in end of session evaluation. We want to capture what happened throughout the session. This can also provide valuable data for improving your own practice. You could record sessions in the following ways:

  • Keep your session plans
  • Photograph materials produced – many the activities on this website are designed to capture data about the young people's learning during the session
  • Take audio recordings of discussion
  • Video key aspects of the sessions

End of session evaluation

We suggest you end the session with a reflection discussion or activity which can generate data to evaluate the whole session. We have provided a list of activity ideas here.

Facilitator feedback

We would love to receive your feedback on this website and its resources. If you have used them with young people, please let us know what worked well and what you felt was missing. Your feedback is really important to us.

Please send all feedback and evaluation materials to: sexandhistory@exeter.ac.uk.